About Totally Toys

As a farmer’s son from Warwick, I never expected to end up running my own toyshop in Bristol; maybe it was always in my blood, and I just didn’t know it! After leaving school, I found myself working in an office job at my local County Council, and it definitely wasn’t for me. I was a people person, and found the days spent around filing cabinets and typewriters to be a little too dull.


An opening at Woolworths was the beginning.

17 years of managing stores and learning my trade all around the country was to follow my first role working with toys. This gave me a career which was exciting, challenging, and even full of love (this is where I met my wife, Jan!), but the work I had to do wasn’t conducive to family life. It was time to settle.

We searched long and hard to find a business to buy, and eventually found a prime 2000 square-foot store on Bristol’s busy Gloucester Road. And, so, this is where Totally Toys was born, and we maintain our values as a true family business to this day, serving the community and growing with the local area over the decades.

We feel blessed to have chosen Bristol to be the home of our store, and are always proud to be part of the Gloucester Road Community.

lego sign

Independent business is very important to Gloucester Road, being the longest stretch of independently run stores, restaurants, and other companies in Europe. Here at Totally Toys, we embrace the spirit of this place, and have been running our shop as a family business since the day it opened. As a big part of this, we also like to work with other companies in the area to keep the place thriving.

Of course, the independents on Gloucester Road don’t have to stand alone, with Bristol’s Independent District (managed by GRBID) bringing all of the local businesses together. They run events, provide information, and work very hard to improve the road which we call home. You can find out some information about their work on their website which can be found here - https://bristolsindependentdistrict.co.uk.